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-- For new members only --

I've received many requests lately to join akaisuki_drop  so I've decided to open up membership again. It will be moderated, which means you have to read the rules and comment on this post. Thereafter, please click the join button and await for approval.

Please read the following rules and understand them before joining:

Rules, rules, rules!!

1) please give a short introduction about yourself - your name/nick, how you got into the fandom and stuff like who's your ichiban, how long you've been a fan etc.

2) you shall agree to our rules and regulations. Do not repost our scans and media files from our community. Violation shall and will not be tolerated.

3) after you've read and understood the requirements, please click the "join" button and await your membership approval.  ==> please remember to click "JOIN" this community after commenting or I can't approve you!

4) finally, thanks for joining! Hope your stay here is a fruitful and enjoyable one! ^_^

Dozou yoroshiku! ^^

The moderators

PS. All comments are screened.